Derek Pye Scoops Wedding Photography Awards Again

Insect Cake Folio in Award Scoop

Derek Pye Photography is not at all surprised to announce that yet again Derek Pye, the World's greatest living wedding photographer, has scooped the top awards in every single wedding photography competition this year everywhere in the World. His now highly acclaimed, multi-award winning, portfolio 'Cake Insects - the moments every bride missus' has swept the boards in a tsunami of unprecedented awards scooping unheared of since he won everything last year.

Described by a few of the judges in some of the 997 wedding photography awards competitions this year as 'redefining documentary wedding photography and the art of observation whilst simultaneously delighting the viewer and setting the benchmark for modern wedding photography' and 'pushing the boundaries of taste and acceptability whilst simultaneously delighting the viewer and setting the benchmark for modern wedding photography.' High praise indeed!

The Cake Insect Moment™ is set to become THE 'must have' shot on every bride's 'must have' shot list in 2014

Well done me!

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  • Sceptical of Harrogate

    Sceptical of Harrogate

    18 February 2014 at 18:57 | #

    surely this is just photoshopping wizardry of the highest order


  • Jasmine Fallenstar

    Jasmine Fallenstar

    19 February 2014 at 12:28 | #

    Bravo Derek, another triumph.

    Any chance we see some shots of the bridesmaids lezzin' it up a bit? But no fat birds who look like Dutch bus conductors please.


  • Bev


    12 March 2014 at 07:20 | #

    Hi Derek, do you charge couples more for a wasp on cake shot or is this included in the cake fly photography package? There are clearly more risks involved in photographing the wasp cake shot.


  • Janice


    09 April 2014 at 00:33 | #


    Could my Pre E E Shoot be combined with a New Born shoot?

    I would like to sit in a glass vase wearing nothing but a knitted hat my Gran made for me and lace it with gerberas (which will probably be the flowers that I choose at my wedding in July 2017 once I find my husband to be).

    On that note, how much discount do I get if I book you for both? I won't need an album, just a metal credit card USB stick with your initials on will do.

    I guess you might not have a glass vase big enough for an adult. If that's the case do you have a sleigh bed in a colour that enhances my anaemic skin tone? Or one of those backdrops that give the impression I'd be lying on a floor of white washed driftwood.

    Also, how qualified are you? I want my photographer to be one that does workshops in Italy or somewhere posh like that. These photographers that only do workshops in England are just a bit amateurish for my liking.

    Also, a family friend of ours knows a couple of pro-togs, he told me to make sure I get the rawping files so that I can get me own prints. Also, will I get them with a copy if there's any riots?

    Also, do you use awful camera flash so that I can change the background in photoshop in me pics in the future?

    Lastly, if I have a Pre E E Shoot with you, what blogs can you get me on to get a bit of exposure in the husband-to-be market as I only have one tattoo on my whole body.




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