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The Derek Pye Pye Test™

Make Sure Your Photographer is Pye Certified!

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Pye Test CertificateHere at Derek Pye Wedding Photography we realise just how hard it is for the modern bride to select a photographer for such a massively big day as YOUR biggest day, a day afflicted with gigantism. It is so, so important to choose the RIGHT wedding photographer because AFTER your wedding the photographs are the ONLY thing that remains and without them you will have NO memories! - just like Robocop or that bloke in Memento and look how unhappy and sad they are!

The choice is very, very difficult, some say impossible  - do you book your Special Uncle Terry, who has a very nice camera or your fiance's friend Fat Len, who has a very nice camera. It is a dilemma facing EVERY bride in the World TODAY! Right NOW!

To make sure YOU don't get caught out we've devised this special professional photographer test to make sure the candidates are up to the job. Just get them to take THE PYE TEST™ and if they pass they will get a beautiful certificate which pretty much guarantees the highest standards of photo perfection available in civilised society.

Rest easy in the knowledge that YOUR biggest ever memories will be safely recorded.

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Derek Pye Scoops Wedding Photography Awards Again

Insect Cake Folio in Award Scoop

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Derek Pye Photography is not at all surprised to announce that yet again Derek Pye, the World's greatest living wedding photographer, has scooped the top awards in every single wedding photography competition this year everywhere in the World. His now highly acclaimed, multi-award winning, portfolio 'Cake Insects - the moments every bride missus' has swept the boards in a tsunami of unprecedented awards scooping unheared of since he won everything last year.

Described by a few of the judges in some of the 997 wedding photography awards competitions this year as 'redefining documentary wedding photography and the art of observation whilst simultaneously delighting the viewer and setting the benchmark for modern wedding photography' and 'pushing the boundaries of taste and acceptability whilst simultaneously delighting the viewer and setting the benchmark for modern wedding photography.' High praise indeed!

The Cake Insect Moment™ is set to become THE 'must have' shot on every bride's 'must have' shot list in 2014

Product Launch! The New Fangled Pyelight™

3 in 1 Continuous Medieval Daylight Lighting Sword

Pyelight the light-sword-by-derek-pyeIntroducing the incredibly new continuous light source sword - the 3 in 1 Pyelight™ a newly fangled continuous light source sword fangled by Derek Pye. You may have seen inferior and to be frank comedic continuous light sabres fangled by less fangling able wedding photographers which are little more than toys. These Iceylight devices usually only have one function and one function only - illuminating a ropey old model in Iceylight adverts. They are permanently useless for demanding real life husband and wife wedding photographers wedding art assignments. 

The Pyelight™ is based on an actual 12th century Crusaders sword from a design dating back to the day Derek Pye saw it in the British Museum. Unlike inferior Star Wars based lighting accessory solutions our Pyelight™ has 3 easy to use modes...


Literally Escalation Storybooks™

New Überpackage now available

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Derek Pye is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new Überpackage - The Literally Escalation Storybook package. Lesser photographers may advertise so-called unlimited all day coverage packages with two so-called photographers and promise they’ll tell the story of your so-called special day but we say ha!. How can they? Who is photographing the guests as they prepare for your massive day? What did your florist have for breakfast? Just how many free glasses of champagne did special Uncle Terry drink? Was every guest laughing during the speeches or did some of them look a bit sad?

You’ll never know unless you book my Literally Escalation Storybook package - with the LES™ we literally assign a photographer to literally cover each guest and supplier as the excitement literally builds. Don’t miss a millisecond of what is literally the biggest day of your gigantic life.

Literally hundreds of thousands of images are taken by our slightly trained toggers and 3 years later once they have been literally individually edited, using the very latest pixellation protocols, we literally supply a bespoke storybook album covering the day from the point of view of each and every guest and each and every supplier - Literally!

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