Coffee Table Wedding Album Table - New product.

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Derek Pye Photography is pleased to announce an exciting new product for 2006.

Have you ever ordered a storybook coffee table wedding album and been disappointed? I have and so have many of my clients. Unlike conventional coffee table albums The Derek Pye Storybook Coffee Table Wedding Album Table' is an actual table.
For once it's a wedding album you can really put your coffee on. No more fumbling around in drawers looking for your wedding photos when immigration officers arrive unannounced. Your album furniture is always there as a wonderful conversation piece. Pull up a chair and put your feet up. The Derek Pye Storybook Coffee Table Wedding Album Table' has been tested to withstand very hot coffee.

It's not my fault - the Wedding Season is over.

Thank god for that. The wedding season is over! Fantastic. One of the problems of being the UK's most highly sought after husband and wife wedding photography team is the amount of weddings I have to go to. It really is a nightmare. This summer I've heard 17 Apache wedding poem's and 35 'Love is a temporary madness; it erupts like volcanoes... blah blah blah' from Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which incidentally was a terrible film. I've made a stack of cash but I also owe a lot out for one reason or another. I hate being sued, but being sued by the Church as well as the bride and groom is going to be very expensive. It wasn't really my fault...

Rarely late

I'm rarely late for a wedding but when I am it's never my fault. Take last Saturday for example. I got to the bride's house with no problems at all. Its great to photograph a bride getting ready - the nerves, the tears, and the highly charged erotic atmosphere make for great shots. That done, feeling slightly aroused, I head for the Church. The only problem here is the parking. There is no-where near the Church and I'm forced to park down the bottom of a steep hill...

Derek’s Law - Videographer check scheme launched

LONDON (Reuters) - Wedding guests in four areas of England will be able to check whether upcoming weddings are to be filmed under a pilot scheme launched on Monday.
The initiative allows police and probation services to disclose some information to guests about people who are known videographers.
But the scheme, which will operate in Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Cleveland and Warwickshire, does not go as far as the so-called "Derek’s Law" in the United States which allows local identification of wedding videographers.

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