In conversation with top wedding photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson

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on my mindA while ago Henri Cartier-Bresson had the great pleasure of meeting one of his heroes. Me. In this never before seen interview I spoke to Henri about his life and work and my influence on him. 

 I travelled to meet Cartier-Bresson in Paris, taking with me a box of pickled onion Monster Munch as a gift. Legend has it that he loves them but they are impossible to find in France. We meet in a cafe in the Montparnasse area. He greets me like an old friend. It's all hugs and backslapping and little punches and neck locks. We wrestle on the floor for half an hour like Oliver Reed and Alan Bates in Women in Love. Eventually, after I land a nasty rabbit punch, a waiter comes over and separates us.

 I order a large bottle of Absinthe and we settle down, two giants of the medium, and begin our conversation.

Difficult 3rd Rock 'n' Roll wedding! LOL!

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rocknrollwedding1LOL Rockin’ wedding OMG!!. Like bonkers, Derek Pye and his assistant, Muktar have just finished shooting their difficult 3rd rock ‘n’ roll wedding. Sneak peak tweeps on the blog.

 Arriving early at the fab venue to meet the gorgeousness that is the bride [actually my friend Katie], Derek and Muktar trashed the bridal suite and drove the white Bentley into the hotel swimming pool. LOL. We put the bride’s mum in the boot for extra rock 'n' roll ROFLS.

 We absolutely love shooting weddings and loved shooting this more than any other photographer could possibly have loved it. Love it, love it! Gorgeous, Hon!!.

 How did I get into photography? My Grandad probably gave me my first fab camera when I was just ever so little and I, well, just loved it!!! My Grandad was a twat LOL but the lovely camera was just WOW!

BobFest 11™ - THE Uncle Bob training course for all levels of Bob.

Get your tickets now for BobFest 11™ - learn to shoot like a mentalist pro tog. 

There's a real shortage of professional wed togs capable of shooting demanding wedding assignments here in the UK. Some top drawer brides have even resorted to flying in pro wedding toggers from abroad, so they don't miss out on having their photo taken whilst peeking out from behind a tree. 

If you have a reasonably priced DSLR from Dixons, Comet or other major high street Bob suppliers, you could help fill the yawning, gaping gap. Join Derek at his sprawling unobtrusive Manor just off the A2 for a series of mind bending workshops.

You will learn:

Beginner Bob sessions - you must have your own camera and a portfolio of 8000 random tree and cat photos to attend our Beginner Bob programme.

  • Master the P setting for total exposure control. Why the precision P mode is King, Queen, Godfather and brother-in-law of the exposure battleground.
  • Learn why you need to charge at least £20 even when shooting for free.
  • Eye brow trimming workshop - find out why pro wed togs always trim before a big shoot.
  • Is editing an overrated waste of time? You may know this already. (workshop cancelled)
  • Excuses masterclass - top ten excuses regularly used by the pros. Including ' but silhouettes are atmospheric', ' I can only get them all in from a window' and ' you must have given me the wrong post code'.

Derek Pye Scoops Top Photo Award

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Derek Pye has for the 42nd year running scooped the top prize at the 2010 Award Winning Husband and Wife Top Wedding Photographer awards ceremony. The awards which have run for 42 years, only awards awards to the top award winning wedding photographer and gives the photographer the right to call himself an award winning wedding photographer.

Derek’s picture, entitled “Confetti Piss version 42” was praised by the judges for “ bleak, uncompromising beauty. Simplicity of composition and mastery of the moment”. Speaking after the ceremony Mr Pye said “ I got lucky, the bride was late and I was busting for a piss. You have to be alive to these opportunities, lesser photographers would have found a toilet ” Award Winning Wedding Photo

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