The Muktar Special - new service from Derek Pye

It's a quiet time for weddings at the moment so I've been teaching Muktar, my assistant, a few tricks of the trade. There's a real shortage of wedding photographers in the UK, with many couples having to do without on their biggest day. It would be a real mistake to get an elderly relative to shoot your wedding but if all the photographers in your area are booked what are you to do. Here at Derek Pye Photography we may have come up with the perfect solution.
I was showing Muktar how to rescue a badly exposed shot on the PC and had to nip out for ten minutes, as the booze shop was about to close. When I came back he'd done a kind of montage cut and paste job on a few pictures. It was then it hit me. Let's face it; most weddings are basically the same but with different people. There really is no need to photograph every wedding. All you need is a couple of snapshots of the B+G and you can stick their faces on some old stock images. We believe that we are the first company to offer such a service. If you book our 'Muktar Special' all you need to do is send us a head and shoulders passport sized photo of yourself and your intended. Leave the rest to Muktar. You will receive a full set of images, including: the signing of the register, leaving the church (please specify your preferred religion), sitting in an old car, the speeches, the cutting of the cake, and the first dance. If you think about it you don't even need to get married to book this package, a big saving all round.

*Please note we may substitute any other package with a 'Muktar Special' without notice.

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